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How to make a screenshot

Laura Hogenbirk
Laura Hogenbirk
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If you need help from Support, it is useful if you provide an illustration of the problem by providing one or more so-called 'screenshots'. A screenshot (or screendump ) is an image of what is visible on a screen. Below is a brief explanation of how to take a screenshot.

PS: ForApplecomputers (Mac OS), see:

  • Make sure the window you want to take a screenshot of is clearly visible on the computer screen;
  • Press the buttonpPrtScr(Print Screen) on your keyboard;
  • Go to the start menu (bottom left in the Windows taskbar) naar Accessoires (Desk accessoires) en kies 'Snipping Tool':


You now see the snipping tool:


  • Click 'New' and select the area you want to use as the screenshot.
  • Click on the floppy disk-pictogram (Save clipping as) to save the image


  • Save the image in a folder of your choice.
  • When taking and sending screenshots, it is important to keep information confidential. For this you can mask (blur) (personal) data using a simple tool such as the Snipping Tool itself, or tools like Greenshot (for Windows computers) or Skitch (for Apple computers).

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