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Laura Hogenbirk
Laura Hogenbirk
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Since the introduction of the new KidsKonnect Service Agreement on April 1 2023, the urgency of reporting a software error or configuration error will become greater determined on the basis of a number of audit questions of the following aspects:

  • Scope: how much users within the organization experience the problem?
  • Frequency: how often does the problem occur?
  • Impact: what is the impact of the problem on business operations?

Based on the answers given, the urgency is automatically calculated and assesses whether it is a critical or non-critical incident. Please note: the answers are always checked by our Support staff and may become amended.

No urgency can be indicated for knowledge questions and change proposals. 

The initial response and resolution times can be found in our Service Agreement - see below a screenshot of the relevant overview from the Service Agreement. 



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