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Laura Hogenbirk
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When you view the page tree, you can click on the pencil icon to edit the page. Once you click on it, the basic settings are displayed. Read more about advanced settings in this article.

Basic settings


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  1. Title 
    This is the title of the page visible in the menu, on the page, and in the page overview. This field is mandatory.
  2. Slug
    This is the part of the title used for the URL. It is automatically filled in when the title is entered. This field is mandatory.
  3. Menu title
    If you want a different title in the menu than the one the page has because it is too long, you can override it by entering a title in Menu Title. This field is not mandatory.
  4. Page title
    If you want to display a different title on the page than the one the page has, adjusting the page title will show this title in the browser's title bar or bookmarks. This field is not mandatory.

Advanced settings

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  1. Redirect
    If the visitor needs to be redirected to another website or URL, enter the other URL in Redirect
  2. Template 
    The template used to display the content. You can customize the template if desired. Read more about changing a template here
  3. ID
    A unique identification used by the page_url template tag for links to this page.
  4. Pretend origin
    All pages will not be displayed in the navigation
  5. Linked menu 
  6. Application
    Here you find all possible applications that can be linked to a page. If you want to link an application, choose Page Apps as the template
  7. X frame options 
    Specifies whether this page can be embedded in other pages or websites. You can choose to inherit from the parent, allow, only this website, or deny. Choosing deny prevents third parties from taking over parts of the website.  

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