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Using the image plugin

Joost Mundi
Joost Mundi
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In this article, we'll explain how to add individual images to pages. For multiple images or photo grids, there are specific plugins available. Depending on the type of plugin, these can also be combined with the image plugin.

    1. Open the Structure.
    2. Click the plus sign behind the desired Placeholder and choose an Image plugin:
    3. There are several options for the source of the image:
      1. Upload: Add the image or choose from previously uploaded images.
        (Refer to the section below for more details on this).
      2. External link: Provide the URL of the image (including http:// or https:// protocol).
      3. Unsplash: A stock photo library. Select an existing image.
      More details on upload options will be explained later.
    4. There are additional options to configure:
      1. Template: predefined ways to display the image.

        Note: Some of these options may not be included in your design.

      2. Link settings: Add a link behind the image.
      3. Advanced settings: Height, width, alignment of the image, and "caption text" (for screen readers).
      4. Properties: The ability to add extra CSS/HTML properties.
    5. After choosing your image and filling in all the settings, click "Save" to add the plugin.

Uploading Images

When uploading images, you can add multiple images or choose from previously selected images. This article assumes that you are editing an existing image plugin or have clicked on the pencil icon in a new image plugin.

  1. Click on "Choose File" (or use the pencil icon when replacing an existing image):
    This opens the file manager.
    You are either already in a folder (if you have added images/files before) or in the root. You cannot "upload" anything directly to the root, so select a folder by clicking on its name or add a new folder with the "New Folder" button (only available in the "Root" folder).

    If you are editing a previous image, you may already be in a folder; click on the folder icon at the top left to go to another folder if needed.

  2. Uploading: Drag your files from your computer or use the "Upload" button at the top right. Click the button if you don't want to drag. This opens your computer's file selection window. Select one or more files.
    Wait for them to finish. You will see them at the top of the list.
  3. Select the file:
    Use the arrow in front of a file to select the one you are going to use. Ensure it is an image, preferably .jpg, .gif, or .png, as they are most suitable for the website.



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