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Activating the blog module

Laura Hogenbirk
Laura Hogenbirk
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In this article, we explain how to create a blog on the website. You can use this module for a news page or blogs


Step 1: Activate the module

The Blog module is an application that needs to be activated for the page where the posts will be placed. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Pages via the toolbar and find the page where you want to place the posts
  2. Click on the pencil icon to open the settings of the page. Here, choose Advanced settings.
  3. On the Advanced settings page, choose NewsBlog under Application. If this option is not available, contact support


  4. Next, add the application configurations, specifying the name to be displayed and the layout (list or banners).
  5. Once the application is linked to the page, choose Save. You will then see an icon next to that page in the Pages section.

  6. Next, go to the page (you can do this via the eye icon next to Pages, as mentioned in step 5), where you linked the newsblog application. Here, choose Settings > Templates for Flexi page Apps. The application will then be visible on the page


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