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Creating a Team page

Edwin Janssen
Edwin Janssen
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In this article we will take you through the process of creating a team page. By using the Team List Plugin you can show the team members for the organisation with a photo in a beautiful way.

  1. You go to the page where you want to introduce the team.
    This page is often called Our team or The team.
  2. To add a plugin, first open the structure of the page. You do this by clicking the structure icon at the top right of the toolbar to click. The structure now opens on the right side of the page. 
  3. You will now see all kinds of options in the structure. You add the team members plugin under the placeholder Main(other placeholder name is also possible, but we use Main in this screenshot below). To do this, we click on the plus sign behind the chosen placeholder, which opens a window where you can select a plugin you want to add. 

  4. In the list of plugins choose Team list

  5. A screen will now open where you will see a number of options such as Title, Team members per row, Template and Space between rows. We will briefly explain below explain what these options mean:

    This field is not required but allows you to give a title to the team members shown above the team list. For example, you could choose Our team or The team, but you can also divide them into groups.

    In the style section you choose the image shape for the team members that will be added later.


    Optionally, you can choose to show an icon if a team member does not have a photo. The icon shown here is a standard stick figure icon.

    Team members per row
    Here you choose how many team members you want to have next to each other on the page. How many you choose depends on the style of the website. If you choose four, the team members will be closer together than if you choose two.

    Text alignment
    With the text alignment you choose how the text is aligned. Here you can choose left-aligned, centered or right-aligned.

    Space between rows
    Here you determine how much space you want between the rows, here you choose small (S), medium (M) or large (L).

    Show full description
    The description can be filled in for the team member, such as introducing the team member or the working days. By checking the box here, this information will be shown in full. If you do not check this, a button will be shown with More info. When the visitor clicks on this, the description opens.

    Frame around team members
    You can choose to place a frame around the team members. When this section is checked, a frame will be placed:
  6. Choose the correct settings and press Save.
  7. Now go to the team list and press the plus sign behind team list to add a team member.


  8. A window will now open where you can select an existing team member from the list of team members. If the team member is not yet in the system, click on the plus sign behind this field to add a new team member. Click here for more information about creating a team member.
  9. Once the team member has been filled in, press Save again at the bottom right of the window.

Now repeat steps 7, 8 and 9.

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