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Managing team members

Laura Hogenbirk
Laura Hogenbirk
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In this article, we explain how to manage team members.
Please note that changes to a team member in management are immediately reflected on the website if this team member is included in a team member plugin. You do not need to further publish an adjustment to a team member

  1. Go to management
  2. Then click on the Team Members button under the heading Quick Access. You will now see all the team members that have been added to the website.
    Note! These team members do not get access to the website.

The overview

In the overview, you see the name, role, working days, and whether a photo is linked to the employee. If you scroll sideways, you will see the email address of the team member

Search for a team member
If you are looking for a specific team member, you can use the search filter. By clicking on the icon Schermafbeelding_2022-08-09_om_10.42.43.png , the system searches through all users. 

By default, all team members are shown. By choosing a specific website on the right side, you can view the team members of a particular school

Add a team member
By clicking on the Add Team Members button, a new team member can be created. Click here for more information on adding a user.

Edit team member
By clicking on the name, you go to the details of the user and can make adjustments. If this team member was already added to the team page, the information there is also updated

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