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Step 4: Completion of the website and going live!

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To bring a website live, the DNS records have to be changed. This can be done by you or someone in your organisation or by Blossom.

Bringing a website live generally takes a few hours to a day.

Bring the website live yourself

Websites are brought live by adding or changing a number of DNS records in your domain management environment.

What are DNS records?

A website always consists of two parts: the domain and the web server. The web server is the part where the website "lives", the domain is the address where the website can be found, a kind of street name and zip code. The domain is a lot easier to remember than, for example, the IP address, just as a house address is easier to remember than the latitude and longitude.

You set DNS records for your domain, they let a visitor know to which web server the domain is linked. A new website is usually on a different web server than the old one, which is why you often have to change DNS records when switching to a new website.

Which records need to be adjusted?

The following records must be added to the DNS records in your domain management environment. In principle, this can be done by you or you can have it done by the domain hosting provider. No idea who your domain hosting provider is? This is very easy to find out via for all domains. If you know your domain hosting provider, email them the info below and ask them to change it.

www.<Domain> CNAME <Domain>

e.g. CNAME

Any other existing www (A) records should be deleted.

If you do not yet use a so-called redirect service for the top level domain (if a customer uses, this request is automatically forwarded to, you can set this up yourself or use a redirect service ( for example from your domain registrar). Below is an example of the record that needs to be added. In this case, the redirect service of wwwizer was used.

<Domain> A

PS! Please contact us in advance when you are going to make the adjustments to the DNS, as some adjustments also need to be made on our part. Send an email to , mention the domain name you want to go live on (i.e. the definitive one), but also the current temporary domain name that you have had from us ( with the name instead of X ). Please take into account a time of 1 to 2 days for DNS changes, so a change for today must be submitted to us at least the day before yesterday.

Have your website brought live by us

Do you want us to make adjustments to the DNS records? Then email with the request to go live (see above) and the login details for your domain management environment (mostly an url, a username and a password).

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