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Overview of all plugins and their uses

Laura Hogenbirk
Laura Hogenbirk
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In this article, we explain the available plugins and their uses. You can find how to add a plugin to your website here.

Basic plugins

Image Choose the image plugin to add a photo to the content.
Banner Add a banner if you want to create a button with styling to attract attention.
File Use this plugin to add files to pages, generally placed on normal content pages.
Carousel The Carousel plugin allows displaying multiple rotating images, quotes, or videos
Contact information Use the Contact Information plugin to display your contact details. Fill in the information, and it will be shown correctly on the website. More information about the contact page can be found here.
Form A form is used to collect data from website visitors. This plugin is mainly for schools that want to enable website visitors to ask questions, submit registrations, or request leave. More information about the form plugin can be found here.
Photo album Add a photo album to the website that needs to be displayed. Choose a specific folder (via management > files). All images from this folder will be displayed on the page.
Icon Use the Icon Plugin to instantly show the core values of your school or childcare. Enter text and choose (or upload) an icon with this plugin.
Button Website buttons can sometimes be more convenient than links. A button can attract more attention when you have a link you want to be clicked (e.g., a link to a page with the school guide). Besides, a button looks better than a regular link
Folder The folder plugin is used to add a folder with files to a content page. Use the folder plugin wherever you want to add multiple files.
Quote A quote is a citation or a representation of what someone has said. Sometimes it's nice to add a quote from the school principal.
Slider By adding the Slider plugin, you can ensure that multiple photos are shown in a slider. This 'rotates' automatically on the website. This plugin is often used in the header (top) of the website.
Slideshow The slideshow plugin allows showing multiple images in a continuous slideshow.
Text Use the text plugin when you want to add text to the page
Video The Video plugin is used to add videos to a page. This plugin is mainly for schools/foundations that want to display videos on the website and is used on both the home page and the underlying content pages. This can be a video on YouTube or Vimeo, or you can upload a video from your computer.



Google map The Google Map is used to show locations on a Google map. This plugin is mainly for schools that want to display their location on the contact page.
Link By giving a link to a piece of text, you can refer to another page or website


Accordion With this plugin, you can hide texts and let them unfold when the title is pressed.
Box If you want to highlight a part on the website, add the box plugin.
Footer and side menu layout   
Horizontal line With this plugin, you add a horizontal line to the website. This creates a break in the website.
Icon list The icon list plugin is added when you want to show icons. This ensures that the icons are displayed horizontally or vertically

Multiple columns

Instead of 1 column of text, you sometimes want to make your page more clear and attractive by placing the content in multiple columns on your page. With the multiple columns plugin, you can easily add columns to your page. Find more information about multiple columns here.
Section The section plugin is mainly used to indicate different paragraphs on a page. The section plugin has various possibilities. Find different possibilities with an explanation of how the section is structured here. Find more information about the section plugin here.
Team list By using the Team List Plugin, team members for the school, foundation, or childcare are displayed beautifully with a photo on the website. Find more information about creating a team page here.
Whitespace When you want to add extra space between two plugins, choose the whitespace plugin



Social Schools Agenda By adding the Social Schools Agenda plugin, published agenda items are automatically displayed on the website. Find out how to set this up here
Social Schools photos  
Social Schools news By adding the Social Schools News plugin, published news articles are automatically displayed on the website. Find out how to set this up here.

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