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Preparing for the new school year

Laura Hogenbirk
Laura Hogenbirk
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We hope you have enjoyed a well-deserved vacation and are now ready for the new school year.

The holiday is often the time when some information changes. This includes teachers moving to different classes. It might also be a good idea to review and update the content on the website.


School guide
Easily upload the new school guide using the File plugin. In this plugin, you can give the file a name and show a PDF preview. As a result, parents don't need to open the PDF file but can read the school guide directly.

New holiday schedule
A new school year means new holidays that can be mentioned on the website. Remove the old holidays and place the new ones on the website.

Team members update 
This is the moment to check if the team page is still up-to-date. You can modify staff members via Management and then choose Team Members. By clicking on the name, you can go to the user's details and adjust information, including the group. If this team member was already added to the team page, the information there will be updated.

School board and parent council
The end of the school year often means a new board for the school board and parent council. Are the new members already introduced on the website? The website is the place to display and share information with (new) parents

News and calendar
So many exciting activities are organized, and the website is often the place to make them visible to parents. Are the news articles still recent, and is the calendar up-to-date? 

Parent contribution
The parent contribution may have changed; remember to update it on the website too.


Are the photos still current? While the sun is still shining, it's a good time to take new photos of the building. It's also nice to see how the classrooms look, the places where the children spend a lot of time.


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