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Tips for a beautiful school website!

Laura Hogenbirk
Laura Hogenbirk
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  1. Tell Your Story
    Express your vision on education in a brief description.
  2. Be persuasive
    Radiate confidence through professionalism.
    Include a call to action, inviting parents for an introduction
  3. Be professional
    Maintain polished typography; avoid excessive use of different fonts, styles, and colors.
    Use good photography; avoid underexposed or blurry photos.
    Include a professional school logo.
  4. Consider privacy
    Respect the privacy of students and parents.
  5. Stay up-to-dat
    Post recent news from the school or classes.
    Share temporary messages, such as holiday wishes.
    Remove outdated downloads or group pages.
  6. Be cheerful
    Use fresh colors.
    Incorporate playful elements, such as pencils and teaching materials.
  7. Give the school a face
    Include photos and descriptions of teachers.
    Feature pictures of students in the classroom.
    Maintain a blog where students are also present on the website.
  8. Be organized
    Limit the number of menu items and keep text lengths reasonable.
    Make contact information easily accessible.
    Ensure quick access to the school guide/forms.
    Include an FAQ with frequently asked questions.
    Ensure mobile device usability.
  9. Be easy to maintain
    Allow for easy content adjustments via the frontend.
    Provide clear instructions for different content sections.
    Post news via mobile devices.
    Enable automatic updates.
  10. Be searchable
    Use relevant keywords on key pages for a good search engine ranking.



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