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Your school website as a calling card

Laura Hogenbirk
Laura Hogenbirk
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A school without a website? There are few of them left. A school website is simply necessary today. And a good school website? It must be clear and user-friendly. For the reader and for the administrator. The Social Schools school website was developed with the idea that it should be simple and fast. But also that it is a safe online environment and that connections with other systems are easy to make. In this blog we will tell you more about the convenience of our school website.


A school website is a calling card. Often it is the first impression new parents get of their child's future school. They want to be able to see at a glance what the school stands for and how they provide education. The website is the online extension of the school organization. The website administrators are responsible for keeping the website(s) up to date and clear. That can be a lot of work, but not with our website Content Management System. It's an easy to use content management system where you can  customize the contents from the pages itself.

  • Choose a template
    The design is of course an important part of building a website. But also time-consuming. It doesn't have to be that way. At Social Schools you can choose from one of the standard templates. As soon as the corporate identity elements and content are added, unique websites are created, with their own identity. And would you rather have a unique design? Because you have specific wishes? We also supply custom templates.

  • Fill the website
    The contours are now visible. The next big step in the implementation process is filling the pages with content. We will of course support you with this. We always provide a clear menu structure. And are you unable to resolve something, or do you need advice? Then you can ask for help via in-app support. We can also fully support you by preparing the entire website and filling it with the supplied content. You only have to do a final check. You are then completely unburdened.
  • Easy to maintain
    And then the moment has arrived; the website is online! Now it comes to maintenance. Ensure that texts are up to date and images remain correct. Adjustments can be made easily. Just from the front of the website. You will immediately see the result of the adjustment. In any case, the websites can be easily managed and maintained. An upper school website administrator can be in charge of several websites. Texts can easily be copied from one website to another, user roles can be assigned and other administrators can easily be supported. Moreover, links can easily be made with other systems. And this convenience saves a lot of time.

  • Continue to develop
    We involve our users in making Social websites better. We welcome feedback. And we are going to work on that. And ease of use is constantly paramount. This way you can use the newsfeed link. At the push of a button, a message is posted on all channels. This gives the message maximum visibility, without extra effort.

  • Safety first
    We take a safe online world for granted. All the more so because it concerns children's data. Our website is completely GDPR-proof. For example, we practice preventive security through internal testing. We also make backups every day, so that important information is not lost.

  • Final words
    A website is the online representative of the school. With an important task, namely communicating with (future) parents. They want all information to be easily accessible. That the website is clear and contains up-to-date information. And that it is a safe environment. This is possible with the Social Schools school website. Set up and maintain a new website in an easy way. And always with good support.

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