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Laura Hogenbirk
Laura Hogenbirk
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Texts make or break your website. However, writing engaging text is often harder than you think. In this blog post, we give you six tips on how to write catchy texts. These texts will invite website visitors to read on.

  • For whom am I writing the text?
    This is the first question you ask yourself when you start writing. While writing it is very important to keep your target audience in mind, after all, you write a text for children very differently than for adults.
    With a school website, you write for parents who are looking for a school for their child. It is therefore important that these texts, besides being informative, are also activating and ultimately invite an action. Such an action could be, for example, filling out a contact form or scheduling an introductory meeting. After all, this is also the purpose of your website, to attract new parents who register their children at your school.

  • Most important info first
    When writing web copy, it is important to put the most important information right at the top of the text. You write from important information to less important information. The reason behind this is that a website visitor will scan the text first and see if this text answers his question. If it does not, the visitor will leave the page. The website visitor only starts reading when he is sure that his question is answered in the text.

    It is therefore important to ask yourself what question the website visitor has when he or she decides to click on the page. If you have this in mind, try to answer this question in the first paragraph of the text.

  • Make your text clear
    As we mentioned above, a website visitor initially scans your text. A well-structured text makes this a lot easier and ultimately makes reading a text a lot more pleasant. You can add structure to your text by using paragraphs, subheadings and bold or italic words. Just take a look at the example below. Isn't the right more inviting to read?

    An additional advantage of well-structured text is that Google also likes this and you will rank higher in the search results. Would you like more tips on how to rank higher in Google? Then read our blog with tips here.

  • Write briefly and concisely
    Hardly anyone likes to read very long pieces of text on their phone or computer. It is therefore necessary to write briefly and concisely.

    As Steve Krug also states above, it is important to keep the text really short. We therefore recommend not using more than 2 to 300 words per text. Finally, try to keep paragraphs short, using a maximum of 5 to 6 sentences per paragraph.

  • Write actively and vary
    Try to maintain an active writing style in your texts, this makes it a lot more pleasant to read. In active sentences, the subject does something with the direct object. Passive sentences are often a lot more cumbersome and unclear. To clarify this, an example is shown below:


    Finally, it is important to vary sentence length in your texts. Alternate long sentences with short sentences. This way the text flows much more pleasantly for the reader. Too many long sentences make a text confusing. Too many short ones, on the other hand, makes your text annoying. So variation is important. By alternating a few short sentences with a long one, you keep the reader interested.

  • Use images
    There is nothing as boring as text without images. Texts with supporting images make your texts easier to scan and understand. Make sure that the images you use match the style of the website, are sharp and well lit. Images are not just images of the school or the children, but can also be graphics, icons and logos that support the text.

    Please note, however, that you can also add too many images to a text. Try to stick to the standard of a maximum of three to four images per text.


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