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Creating a Form

Laura Hogenbirk
Laura Hogenbirk
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In this article, we will explain how to create a form.

A form is used to collect data from website visitors. This plugin is primarily for schools that want to enable website visitors to ask a question, submit an enrollment, or request leave through the website.

  1. To add a plugin, first open the page structure. You can do this by clicking on the structure icon at the top right of the toolbar. This will open the structure on the right side of the page.
  2. To create a form, choose the Form plugin.
  3. A screen will open where you can create the form. First, give the form a title.
  4. In the next section, choose which email addresses will receive a notification when a form is filled out and submitted. Click here for more information on the recipients' list for forms.
  5. The title and description can be filled in and will be displayed above the fields. If you leave these fields blank, no information will be shown above the form. These fields are not mandatory to fill in.
  6. There are also several fields that can be filled in:

    Send options
    Here, you can change the text of the send button and/or the text of the message after sending. By default, it says "Send" and after sending the message: "Thank you for your message, we will contact you as soon as possible.

    Forwarding options
    By checking the Forwarding box, the visitor will be redirected to a page after submitting the form. You can choose between an internal page or an external link.

    Email settings
    Here, you can ensure that the visitor or sender receives a copy of the form. In this section, enter the email address. Note that to use this option, the form must have at least one email field.

  7. Finally, the fields that will be displayed in the form are created. Add a field by selecting + Add another field. For each field, enter the name and field type. Below is further explanation of the types of fields. If the field must be mandatory, check the Required? box


    When you want to include a short text in the form, choose Text. No definitions are linked to this field.


    Text area

    When you want to include a longer text in the form, choose Text Area. This field is often used to allow the visitor to make a comment or ask a question


    Email address

    Choose the Email Address field type when the visitor needs to provide an email address. If this field is added, it is possible to send the visitor a copy of the form.



    When you want to know a number in the form, choose the Number field type. In this field, only numbers can be entered, and no letters or other characters


    Phone number

    If you would like to receive the visitor's phone number, choose the Phone Number field type.



    When you want a URL to be filled in, choose the URL field type



    If you want to give the visitor permission or provide a choice, choose the Checkbox field type. The title of this field type is what is shown next to the checkbox.


    Multi checkbox

    If you want the visitor to make a choice, choose the Multi Checkbox field type. In the field type section, indicate which choices will be displayed in the form. One option per line.

    Multiple options can be chosen


    Drop down

    You can also choose a drop-down if you want the visitor to make a choice. In the field type section, indicate which choices will be displayed in the form. One option per line.

    Only one option can be chosen here



    If the visitor needs to make a choice, you can also choose Radio. This option is used when you have fewer than 5 options for the user to choose from; the radio field type is more organized than a dropdown.

    Unlike the multi-checkbox, the visitor can only make one choice.


    File upload

    If you want to give the visitor the option to upload a file, choose File Upload. The visitor can click on the button, browse their files, and upload a file



    If you ask the visitor to plan a tour or enroll a child, it is good to choose the Date field type. Here, the visitor is required to enter the date, month, and year.



    If you ask the visitor to provide a specific time, choose the Time field type


    Title If you want to add an additional title or subtitle, choose the Title field type. By using this field, you can create more overview in the form and divide your fields into certain sections.
  8. By clicking Save, the form is created and displayed on the website

Click here for more information on viewing submitted forms.

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