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Creating master pages

Laura Hogenbirk
Laura Hogenbirk
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In this article, we explain how to create master pages.

Master pages are centrally managed pages that you can publish on all underlying school websites. When you make a change, it reflects on every page. This saves you a lot of work when changes need to be applied to all underlying websites.

This is often used for information about the board or foundation, or the enrollment process

  1. First, go to Pages and create a main menu item called Master Page. By clicking on the green checkmark next to Menu, you ensure that this menu item is not visible on the website
  2. Next, create a subpage for a page that you want to display on multiple websites. For example, more information about the foundation or the enrollment process.
  3. On this page, fill in the content and choose the three dashes under Main.
  4. Here, choose to create an alias.


  5. Then, switch to another website within the multisite. You can find how to switch per website here
  6. Once you have switched, find the page where you want to place the alias (the component you created as an alias).
  7. On the page, open the structure and choose to paste under Main.  
  8. The alias will be added to the Main component. The alias is displayed as a plugin named Alias.

Site administrators of the website where the alias is pasted can delete the alias but cannot edit it. The content can only be modified on the master page

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