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Lesson 6: Adjusting colors and fonts

Edwin Janssen
Edwin Janssen
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In this lesson, you will learn how to adjust the colors and fonts of your website in the CMS.


In the CMS, colors and fonts that you want on your website are stored in a theme. You then add this theme as a plugin in a static placeholder called "Theme" on your page. This changes the colors and fonts on all pages.

Adjusting the theme

Open the structure of the website and find the placeholder "Theme" in the structure. Then click on the title "Theme" to expand it. A plugin called "Theme" will appear, and then click on the pencil icon next to the theme (see image). A new window will now open. Then, also click on the pencil icon in this window, and another new window will open where you can set all colors and the font. Change the colors and the font as desired. To save your changes, scroll down and click on save, then click save again in the other window. The changes you made will now take effect immediately on your page.

Afbeelding: Thema aanpassenSchermafbeelding_2019-04-01_om_15.59.22.png


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