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How do I hide a page in the menu?

Edwin Janssen
Edwin Janssen
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In this article we explain how to hide a page in the menu of the website. When you do this, the page will no longer be visible in the main menu of your website and it will no longer be visible in the sitemap at the bottom of the website (the sitemap is not present in all templates).

  1. First of all, go to the page you want to hide in the menu. You do this like you navigate on any other website.
  2. Then press Page in the toolbar on the top. A menu will now expand, after which you can press Hide from navigation.

Once you press this, the page is hidden in the main menu and the sitemap.

The page can now no longer be reached via the normal menu, which also means that you can no longer access it this way to edit the page. You can do this from now on by going to the page tree (click on "Pages"in the toolbar) and then pressing the eye behind the page. No idea how to get here? Read this article.

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