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Below, we will address all points related to the launch of your site, what you can do with an existing domain name, and how we can assist you with such a domain name. Additionally, we will briefly discuss DNS, URL, and IP addresses.


  • DNS stands for Domain Name System; the system translating a domain name (address) into an IP address.
  • A domain name is the name in the DNS used to find a website via a browser. Examples include and
    Voor meer informatie zie onderaan domeinnaam (uitgebreid).
  • In the context of websites, there are two types: domain name hosting and website hosting, both can be handled by different providers.
    1. Domain Name Hoster:
      A party where you can place a domain name
    2. Website Hoster:
      A party where you can place your website (web space/data).

      If you have a website with us, we handle the website hosting for you. You don't need a separate website host or web space.

  • The zip codes of the internet.
  • Part of the URL determining how your browser should handle it. For websites, we mostly use https://, although the older http:// is still in use.
  • The internet address. When entered in a browser, it translates to the IP address of the server. A URL can consist of just a protocol + domain name (like or, like the link to this article:, with additional characters.

Frequently asked questions


What is a domain name?

Your domain name is a usually easy-to-remember name for your domain. It is used in the form of a URL to access the website. For example, or

What is the difference between a domain name and a URL?

A domain name is just the name with a top-level domain. For example, has the name "kidskonnect," and the top-level domain is ".nl." Together with the protocol, this can form a URL like ""


What is the difference between domain name hosting and website hosting?

These terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Domain name hosting pertains only to the domain name itself (for example,, while website hosting involves the site/web space (files/images, etc./possible software to make the site available).
With a website from us, you are solely responsible for domain name hosting. We handle the website hosting.
It's quite common for domain name hosting to be done by a different party (the domain name hoster!) than website hosting, but it can also be done through us. If done through us, there are associated costs.
Please note that often, with foundations, the management of domain names is in the hands of the foundation.

Going live, what is it?

Going live with a website, we call it when you have your own domain name, like, and you want users to find your website when they type that into their browser.
Click here for the complete guide on how to do it.
You have a few choices to make.

  • Host your domain name with us, and we will handle the go-live process. The cost for this is (##insert price here##)

    If you are part of a foundation, they often manage the domain name.

  • Contact the domain name administrator yourself (or have your ICT department/person do it for a foundation) or ask us. We need the contact or login details.

    The cost for this is 150 euros excluding VAT.

Send us an email with the details (both your chosen domain name and the temporary one we provided, indicating that you want to go live), and you will receive instructions.

Finding Your Domain Name Hoster

To find out where your domain name is currently hosted, you can use the following:

Transferring your domain name to us

This is certainly possible, and there are associated costs (2023: 50 euros excluding VAT per year). For an existing domain name, you'll need a transfer token (often a short piece of text) and an overview of the current DNS records. Preferably, provide the latter in the form of a CSV/Excel file. You can request this code and information from your current domain name hoster (see finding your domain name hoster) and then share it with us. We can then proceed with the go-live whenever you're ready.

Go-Live Timeline

Depending on the settings with your current domain name provider, it can be quick or more commonly take 1 to 2 days. If we handle it, whether the domain name is with us or you've requested our assistance, expect a 1 to 2-day timeframe.

Can I cancel my domain name hosting or website hosting?

You can cancel your website hosting because it will be managed by us. However, you should definitely not cancel domain name hosting unless you first transfer it to us. Only cancel it after the transfer has been successful.

It's worth noting that sometimes this occurs as a bundled sale: without website hosting, there is no domain name hosting. In that case, it's best to transfer your domain name, either to us or to a specific provider that offers this service (such as

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  • The Domain Name System (DNS) is the system and network protocol used on the internet to translate names of computers into numerical addresses (IP addresses) and vice versa. Although this process is referred to as "translation," it is nothing more than looking up names in tables where numbers are associated.
    Source: Wikipedia DNS
  • A domain name (or, abbreviated, 'domain') is a name in the Domain Name System (DNS), the naming system (on the internet) that allows computers such as web servers and mail servers, as well as certain services and applications, to be identified. The domain name typically refers to an IP address but can also include other technical references. Thus, DNS functions as a sort of phone directory (of the internet). A good domain name is concise and easy to remember. Both companies and individuals, therefore, use it extensively, both for finding and being found on the internet.
    Examples of domain names are and
    Source: wikipedia domeinnaam

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