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Laura Hogenbirk
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The section plugin is primarily used to indicate different paragraphs on a page. The section plugin offers various possibilities. Here, find different options along with an explanation of how the section is structured.

Adding the plugin 

  1. Click on the structure at the top right.
  2. Click on the plus icon in the content block where you want to add the section plugin, scroll down, and select "Section" from the list.
  3. A screen will open where you see various options that you can customize. All settings can be adjusted after saving

    In the Layout section, choose the appearance of the section. Here, you can choose from "With Background," "Image Left," or "Image Right."
    Full width Afterward, you can decide if the section should be displayed across the full width on the website. 

    In the Design section, indicate whether the section's background should be an image. If you only want a color as the background, do not select an image but choose a color under Background. The colors displayed under Background are the colors set in the theme

    For the text color, choose the color of the text in that section. Select a different text color than the background, or it won't be visible

    Adjust the background position when you have chosen an image as the background. If you have selected an image, choose the color for the image overlay here.

    By adjusting the transparency of the background color, you can make the color appear lighter

    In the Advanced section, you can give the section a unique ID. This ID can be used in the link plugin to scroll to this section or to add extra styling (CSS).
  4. Click on Save to add the section. All settings can be adjusted after saving
  5. If you want to add text to the section, choose the plus icon for the section plugin and then add the text plugin



Click here for various formatting options created with the section plugin

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